Narnia Toggle




A musical presentation of the most famous story from Tthe Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Four siblings experience the adventure of a lifetime when they step into a wardrobe and accidentally discover a land of fantasy. On the other side is Narnia, an enchanted world of magical talking creatures. The children learn lessons of courage, unselfishness and wisdom when they help free the inhabitants of Narnia from the evil White Witch and restore it to its true ruler, King Aslan, the great lion. Spirits soar with this inspirational tale of triumph of good over evil, filled with wonderful songs.

Director Carol Harris
Producer Richard Kaiser
Stephanie Woehrmann
Choreography Liz Anne Villa
Make-Up Javier Hurtado
Edmund Matthew Alpert
Beaver Child Miles Batey
Naiad Sophia Batey
Dryad Taylor Bernard
Reindeer Andrea Borgia
Beaver Child Malia Bumanlag
Dwarf Chelsea Burns
Tumnus Tyler Bushman
Boggle Callie Camacho-Light
Beaver Child Alicia Chamberlain
Narnian Creature Carissa Colwell
Bull Madeline Cooper
Beaver Child Molly Cooper
Crulie (3) Megan Corbridge
Zombie Madison Cupples
Reindeer Laura Doughty
Eagle Emmy Farese
Reindeer Kelly Foster-Jacobson
Wolf Rachel Foster-Jacobson
Rabbit Laura Groen
Reindeer Hillary Guerrero
Leopard Cali Hanson
Older 4 Cali Hanson
Aslan Jay Hanson
Professor Jay Hanson
Fox Macy Hanson
Older 4 Macy Hanson
Lucy Maddie Hanson
Crulie (1) Eleanor Harnett
Gorgon Kelly Harris
Mr. Beaver Gabriel Hatcher
Specter Michael Hoefling
Naiad Kennedy Jenks
Mrs. Beaver Nicole Kacir
Hag (1) McKenzie Kehrer
Beaver Child Sierra Kehrer
Satyr Tara Kelly
Squirrel Clara Kennedy
Bull Abby Kienle
Reindeer Nicole LaJeunesse
White Witch Sandi Lewandowski
Mrs. MacReady Sandi Lewandowski
Crulie (5) Roya Lillie
Narnian Creature Alexis Maiwald
Wolf Alex Maldonado
Skunk Shelby McClelland
Susan Kathryn McGill
Peter Michael McGill
Crulie (4) Shelby O’Hara
Unicorn Anna Parker
Claire Parker
Fenris Ulf Natalie Portera
Owl Evan Preece
Crulie (2) Jessica Roberts
Rabbit Sophia Saavedra
Beaver Child Samantha Sadoff
Reindeer Kiera Sowders
Hag (2) Sierra Sowders
Ogre Scott Upton
Dog Joshua Vasquez
Father Christmas Randy Vidal
Older 4 Randy Vidal
Dryad Hope Wafelbakker
White Stag Jaime Webb
Gorgon Hannah Woehrmann
Leopard Logan Wright
Older 4 Logan Wright
White Stag Lauren Yehle