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“The Music Man” follows fast-talking traveling salesman Harold Hill as he cons the people of River City, Iowa into buying instruments and uniforms for a boys’ band he vows to organize – despite the fact he doesn’t know a trombone from a treble clef. Will Marian the librarian manage to foil his plan to skip town with the cash?

South Valley Civic Theatre presents the original musical performed 1375 times on Broadway, and then made into a movie of the same name.


Director Alan Chipman
Producers James Chipman
Terri Miles
Vocal Director Mike Rubino
Music Director Christine Charlesbois
Choreography Jessica Brewka
Set Designers Colleen Chipman
Larry Tom
Harold Hill Rob Christopher
Marian Paroo Colleen Chipman
Mrs. Paroo Kathy Tom
Winthrop Paroo Jaime Walling
Mayor Shinn Scott Borgia
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn Mary Beth Anderson
Zaneeta Shinn Megan Griffin
Gracie Shinn Laura Doughty
Marcellus Washburn Michael Lund
Tommy Djilas Tyler Damron
Amaryllis Lauren Yehle
Charlie Cowell Scott Valkenaar
Barbershop Quartet
   Jacey Squires Michael Perry
   Ewart Dunlop Peter Mandel
   Oliver Hix Daniel Corpus
   Olin Britt Larry Tom
Alma Hix Angela Doss
Maud Dunlop Andrea Borgia
Ethel Toffelmier Ann E. Grover
Mrs. Squires Christel Yehle
Constable Locke Kel Whisner
Train Conductor Ray Trimble
Traveling Salesman Robert Barham
Brian Chipman
Randy Eves
Stan Haugland
Peter Mandel
Michael Perry
Larry Tom
Kel Whisner
Dancers & Chorus Jennifer Bennett
Julia Brewka
Lauren Colwill
Hannah Curd
Megan Hamik
McKenna Miles
Natalie Portera
Heidi Schrupp
Wa Tan Ye Girls Kaitie Franklin
Megan Kinkel
Nicole LaJeunesse
Elise Malech
Emily Malech
Lexie Mallette
Jessica Roberts
Del Sarte Sangeeta Bhatia
Sarah Mallette
Ashley Riley
Barbara Smith
Men’s Chorus Robert Barham
Jonathan Borgia
Brian Chipman
A.J. Escobar
Randy Eves
Peter Guenther
John Kellett
Michael Perry
Andrew Rodriguez
Ray Trimble
Kel Whisner
Girl’s Chorus Emily Barham
Priyanka Bhatia
Andrea Borgia
Emily Doughty
Maddy Franklin
Shelby O’Hara
Natalie Portera
Delaney Yehle
Boy’s Band Priyanka Bhatia
Jonathan Borgia
Sky Chamberlain
Connor Clark
A.J. Escobar
Jason Eves
Randy Eves
Maddy Franklin
John Kellett
Shelby O’Hara
Brennan Perry
Brennen Piper
Gabriel Piper
Noell Portera
Natalie Portera
Arthur Rodriguez
Patrick Yehle