Members’ Choice Awards Toggle

stock_awards1At the close of each season, SVCT members are invited to vote for their favorite actors, show, set design, costumer, musical and vocal direction, choreographer and more. Children, teens , and adults are recognized at our annual Member’s Choice Awards evening gala.

SVCT tradition also includes the following special annual awards.

  • Gypsy Robe Recipient – Presentation of the Gypsy Robe is a tradition with many theater companies. At SVCT, each show’s producer selects an ensemble member what has had a particularly positive impact on the production. This could be through hard work on set construction, a positive impact on cast morale, etc.
  • Producer’s Award – Each show’s producer selects an individual (typically a volunteer who has helped with the production) who has made an indispensably contribution to the production.
  • Becky Kaiser Newcomer Award – Becky Kaiser was a behind-the-scenes volunteer with SVCT for many, many years. This award is given to an individual, couple, or family who is new to SVCT and who became a valuable part of our community in a short period of time. Sometimes more than one is awarded.
  • Al Bloom Shining Star Award – This award is given in honor of Al Bloom, one of the founders of SVCT (then called Gilroy Community Theater) in 1969. Al was know for taking parts that were not necessarily lead roles, but somehow making them especialy memorable. This award recognizes someone (not necessarily an actor) who went above and beyond the call of duty, really “shone” in his or her role, “blew everyone away,” etc.
  • Rosalie Andrews Technical Award – Rosalie Andrews was another early member of Gilroy Community Theater. She was instrumental to its success, but always behind the scenes, never appearing on stage. This award recognizes a non-actor for significant behind the scenes contribution to SVCT. It can be awarded for tech work, backstage assistance, set construction, set dressing, painting, props, contribution as a board member, etc.
  • Outstanding Community Service Award – This award is not given each year, but may be awarded to a business, board member, or volunteer.

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