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First, we encourage you to join our email list. You’ll receive (on average) 3 emails a month, with updates from both our Limelight by SVCT stage (in Gilroy) and mainstage plays (at the Morgan Hill Community Playhouse). We’ll include reviews, audition and workshop notices, special offers, and more.


Help Make the Magic Happen!


Or do you want to be more actively involved? Were you a theater geek when you were young, and are you considering dipping your toe in the water again? Or perhaps you never thought you’d get involved with live theater, but your kids are interested and you want to support them? Or maybe theater was something that always intrigued you but you couldn’t  quite work up your courage to try it. Perhaps you are curious about whether we are the kind of people doing a kind of thing in which you might want to get involved.  Look no further… we truly offer a fun and worthwhile experience for everyone.



  • If participating in live theater is new to you, we offer an open, supportive, and unintimidating environment for your personal adventure.
  • If you’re a stage veteran, we offer open auditions for all roles and the opportunity to hone and celebrate your skills with other capable amateurs and appreciative audiences.
  • If you want your kids to try something new that will build their self-esteem and introduce them to new friends, or if you’d like your grandkids to shine at something in addition to sports or video games, then our teen, kids and all-ages shows are break-out opportunities for their personal growth and everyone’s pride.


  • If your interests and strengths lie off-stage, we need and welcome novices and experts alike across a wide spectrum of participation, from directors, costumers, choreographers and musicians, to craftspeople in carpentry, sound, lighting, set design, and stage management.
  • If you like to manage and organize projects and teams of people, and you enjoy working with other volunteers, we always are looking for producers and fellow board members to turn our play selectors’ dreams into compelling on-stage realities.


Join Our Audience

Do you (or someone you care about) just want to get away from “that screen” for a while? We offer an art form that, depending on your chosen participation, will exercise your mind, eyes and ears, will perform like the best diet you ever tried, and will capture your imagination while you enjoy and support friends and family in your community.  Coming to your community theater takes little time, and parking is always close and free.


Come share some of yourself with us. You may have the time of your life.