SVCT is an all volunteer organization. Putting on five performances a year at the Morgan Hill Community Playhouse and an additional three performances at Limelight in Gilroy is an enormous undertaking! What support role would you like to play?


Shows at the Playhouse typically need volunteers to fill the following roles


A show’s producer is selected by the Board of Directors prior to the new season and is responsible for putting together the show’s artistic team. Typically shows are co-produced, with a board member working together with a non–board member.

Artistic Team

  • Director
  • Assistant Director or Rehearsal Secretary
  • Musical Director
  • Vocal Director
  • Choreographer
  • Costume Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer

Additional Staff

  • Master Carpenter
  • Stage Manager
  • House Manager
  • Props Mistress
  • Program Designer
  • Lobby Designer
  • Cast Photographer
  • Lighting Operator
  • Sound Operator

Multiple volunteers are also frequently required for each of the following tasks.

  • Set Construction
  • Costumes – sewing and/or purchase
  • Orchestra
  • Set Move In
  • Ushering & Concessions
  • Box Office

Learn More About Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact the show’s producer (go to show information on this website or email svct@SVCT.org) to express your interest and  for more information about any of the above.


If you are interested in exploring volunteer opportunities at Limelight such as set construction, lighting and sound, concessions/bar management, or house management) please contact Limelight’s Managing Director, Robin Bezanson at Limelight@SVCT.org.


Join our SVCT Facebook Group which is intended for SVCT supporters interested in participating in some way. Through the group you will learn of opportunities from set construction to ushering to participating in an orchestra to more.


Board of Directors & Committees


There are also opportunities for participation on the Board of Directors or on SVCT committees. Please contact the Board President at president@SVCT.org to express your interest and to obtain additional information.