Boy Meets Girl

Director Mary Ann Bruegmann
Assistant Director Donna Avina
Stage Manager Nestor Avina
Assistant Stage Manager Dean Carrera
Technical Director Cal Schlesinger
Costumer Clarine Zubow
Properties Manager Pat Stanley
House Manager Frances (Pinkie) Bloom
Film Writers: Bob Stanley
Al Bloom
Susie (waitress) Janice Silveria
Rodney Bovan (English actor) Dennis Chantler
Larry Toms (cowboy actor) Ed Miller
Rosetti (agent) Ray Probert
Studio executive B.K. Bill Wilson
Peggy Clarine Zubow
Green (songwriter) Waldon Sampson
Miss Crews Marilyn Fahey
Nurse Stephanie Padilla
Studio officer Bob Wilson
Major Thompson John Setchel
Doctor Fred Wood
Radio announcer’s voice Nestor Avina

Played against a Hollywood background, Boy Meets Girl tells of a studio waitress who, coming into the office of a big-shot producer, announces she is going to have a baby. Two clever writers get the idea of starring the as – yet – unborn infant with Larry Toms, cowboy film hero. The clever boys who had the idea in the first place are done out of a managing contract. Bent on revenge, they do their utmost to discredit the infant by hiring someone to claim to be his father. The mother, however, marries the son of an English lord. The writers, on the point of ruin, put over a slick deal in a scene of hilarious comedy by engineering a questionable arrangement between their studio and big foreign studio.