Anniversary Waltz

Director George Costa
Assistant Director Sharon Sacco
Bud Walters Ron Williams
Alice Walters Mary Ann Bruegmann
Chris Greg Guerin
Janice Marie Perkins
Debbie Kathy McCornick
Okkie Brian Bliss
Mr. Gans Joe Brown
Mrs. Gans Rojean Wilson
Millie Lynette Williams
Handyman Bruce Barker
Harry Jim Fahey
Sam Alan Barker

On their fifteenth anniversary, a happy husband makes one wine-inspired mistake. He announces to his in-laws the romancing he and their daughter enjoyed before they were legally bound. The information is received with violent results by outraged grandparents and blase children. Subsequently, the thirteen-year-old daughter chooses to tell an air audience of several dozen million people just what started all the trouble at home. From then on troubles mount, tempers rise, until everything explodes riotously and the play ends on a warm and tender note, all the family having gained a little more understanding of each other.