Fiddler On The Roof

Director George Costa
Tevye John Fields
Golde Muriel Brem
Tzeitel Sandi Rapazzini
Hodel Mias Breen
Chava Marilyn Thrasher
Shprintze Barbara Martinez
Pielke Lori Mazzuca
Yente Mary Ann Bruegmann
Motel Kamzcil Glenn Stephenson
Shandel Natasha Silberstein
Perchik Bob O’Neal
Lazar Wolf Frank Patti
Mordeha Ed Miller
Rabbi John Altenburg
Mendel Dennis Chantler
Avram Al Bloom
Nahum Bruce Barker
Grandma Tzeitel Ann Jurva
Fruma-Sarah Gwen Altenburg
Yussel Russ Hendrickson
Constable Bill Patterson
Fyedka Bill Schaal
Sasha Greg Holmsley
The Fiddler Mark Rapazzini
The Pappas: Ed Miller, Russ Hendrickson, Frank Patti, Bruce Barker, Al Bloom
The Mamas: Natasha Silberstein, Anne Jurva, Gwen Altenburg, Nellie Armijo, Barbara Bottini, Kay Cooper
The Daughters: Jannine Carrera, Teresa Reimal, Sally Bunning, Kathy McCormack, Jan Chiri, Sue Kunimura, Susan Blumberg
The Sons: George Hernandez, Juan Gonzales, Marc Bloom, Rick Austin, Dennis Chantler, Terry Ginelli
Understudies: Gwen Altenburg, Jannine Carrera, Sally Bunning, Susan Blumberg, Russ Hendrickson, Kay Cooper, Dennis Chantler

­­­This beloved musical is set in Tsarist Russia in 1905 and is based on the story of Tevye the Milkman by Sholem Aleichem. The story follows Tevye, the father of five daughters, as he tries to uphold tradition in an ever changing political and social landscape. During a period of change for Russian Jews, the family learn to cope with the decline of Tsarist Russia and the tough laws enforced on the family and the village of Anatevka. The musical is extremely popular all over the world, and was the first Broadway show to play for over 3000 performances. The original production ran for almost 10 years. Numerous revivals and a film adaptation keep introducing the show to new audiences.