Director Russ Hendrickson
Technical Directors Ed Perkins, Steve Dodge
Costumer Marie Perkins
Lighting Designer Marilyn Abad
Props Coordinator Mary Nixon
House Manager Barbara Reber
Elwood P. Dowd Charles Gilmore Sr,
Veta Louise Simmons Frances (Pinkie) Bloom
Myrtle Mae Simmons Carmel Zimmerman
Dr. Sanderson Thomas Koch
Dr. Chumley Bert Howard
Orderly Greg Guerin
Judge Omar Gaffney Walden Sampson
Mrs. Chumley Beatrice Corona
Mrs. Chauyenet Natasha Silberstein
Nurse Kim Lynch
Cab driver Al Bloom

In this Pulitzer-prize winning play, kindly Elwood P. Down has, as his constant companion, a six foot tall white rabbit named Harvey. When his social climbing sister finds his eccentric behavior embarrassing, she tries to have him committed to a sanatorium. Eventually Vera realizes that she would rather have Elwood as he is, even if it means living with Harvey.