A Thousand Clowns

Director Russel Hendrickson
Technical Director Reg Keddie
Stage Manager Dan Palmerlee
Properties Manager Barbara Bottini
Set Design Russell Hendrickson
Murray Burns Jim Neilson
Nick Burns Lee Krahenbuhl
Arnold Burns Frank Gianelli
Sandra Markowitz Gerri Armenta
Albert Amundson Bill Johnson
Leo Herman Bill Spendlove

The year is 1962 and bachelor uncle Murray Burns, is endeavoring to rear his precocious nephew in NYC. He has tired of writing cheap comedy for a children’s television program and finds himself unemployed with some free time to saunter through New York and do everything he has always wanted to do like standing on Park Avenue in the dawn’s early light and hollering, “All right, all you rich people; everybody out in the street for volleyball.” When Social Services arrive on the scene to insure that the nephew is receiving a proper upbringing, he finds himself solving their problems. Eventually, he must go back to work or lose his nephew, or he might marry the social worker. In any case, he remains one of the funniest non-conformists of the stage


Photos by Kai S. Lai