The Crucible

Producers Reg Keddie
Barbara Bottini
Director Kathleen Kurz
Technical Director Yolanda Parra
Assistant to the Director Frank Vanella
Stage Manager Lee Kraherbuhl
Cast (in order of appearance)
Reverend Parris Ron Williams
Betty Parris Kimberly D’Arcy
Tituba Yolanda Parra
Abigail Williams Rosalind Farotte
Susanna Walcott Shelly Andrews
Mrs. Ann Putnam Linda Morris Talluta
Thomas Putnam James Neilson
Mercy Lewis Robin Koller
John Proctor James Maya
Rebecca Nurse Bette Brown
Giles Corey Cal Schlesinger
Reverend John Hale Brad Ryder
Elizabeth Proctor Helie Rock
Francis Nurse Walen Sampson
Ezekiel Cheever Walter Von Tagen III
Marshal Herrick Joseph Pereznak
George Hopkins Frank Vanella
Judge Hathorne Russell Hendrickson
Deputy Governor Danforth Joe Brown
Charity Cooke Janet Periot
Faith Sheldon Susan Blumberg
Ruth Putnam Laura Almada
Prudence Hubbard Tonie Berry
Sarah Good Lillian Buck

The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is a dramatic re-enactment of the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts in the late 1600’s. Although the play centers on real events, it is not actual “history” – Miller changed the ages of characters and consolidated several historical figures so that there are fewer actors on stage. It was first produced on stage in January 1953. Arthur Miller intended to use the Salem Witch Trials as an allegory about the anti-communist Red Scare and the congressional hearings of Sen. Joseph McCarthy going on in the United States at the time.

Photos by Eugene’s Salon of Photography