Producer Rosalie Andrews
Director Russell Hendrickson
Choreographer Debbie Nelson
Musical Director Samuel Talluto
Sugar Mary Gorak
Joe Frank Vanella
Jerry Brad Ryder
Sweet Sue Linda Talluto
Beinstock Joe Breznak
Sir Osgood Fielding Frank Pattie
Spats Ron Williams
Knuckles Frank Ginelli
Henchmen Charles Krahenbuhl
Tony Tomaro
Dude Tony Andrade
Beinstock Joe Breznak
First Gangster Walter von Tagen III
Gangsters Lee Krahenbuhl
Curtis Cadill
Ken Zuhr
Eric Bruckner
Society Syncopaters Cindy Dodge
Ann Zuhr
Kim Spendlove
Kay Cooper
Alexa Fletcher
Donna Fletcher
Helie Rock
Betsy McIntosh
Susan Blumberg
Chorus Shelly Andrews
Dorei Welch
Chris Bolton
Kai Lai

The plot revolves around Sugar, a honey of a blonde, a tempting chanteuse in an all-girl band and just the one to melt a musician’s heart. She attacks the job with zest when the manager asks her to show the ropes to Josephine, the new tenor saxophone player. What Sugar doesn’t know is that Josephine and Daphne, the new bass player, are really red-blooded males, hiding behind wigs and wiggles to escape Chicago gangsters pursuing them as witnesses to a gangland slaying.


Sugar is a musical comedy based on the popular Broadway plan and movie Some Like It Hot. It originated from the book by Peter Stone with music by Julie Styne and Bob Merrill’s lyrics. Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond wrote the screenplay from the story by Robert Thoeren. The movie Some Like it Hot starred Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis.


Above photos by Eugene’s Salon of Photography

Above photos by Kai S. Lai