Charley’s Aunt

Producer Marie Perkins
Director Greg Guerin
Stage Manager Rusty McMillian
Jack Chesney Darin Kerby
Charley Wykeham Richard Burdick
Brassett Chuck Myer
Lord Fancourt Babberley Phil Skiver
Kitty Verdun Rosalind Farotte
Amy Spettigue Martha Holder
Colonel Sir Francis Chesney Bill Dunlap
Stephen Spettigue Greg Guerin
Donna Lucie D’Alvadonez Penny Stevens
Ela Delahay Cindi Stevens

Jack Chesney loves Kitty Verdun and Charley loves Miss Amy Spettigue. They invite the ladies to meet Charley’s wealthy aunt from Brazil, “where the nuts come from”. Cancelling her visit at the last minute, the millionaire aunt sends the boys into cataclysmic confusion. What do they do now? The problem is solved by drafting their feckless Oxford undergrad pal into a black satin skirt, bloomers and wig. As “Charley’s Aunt”, this charming frump is introduced to the ladies, to Jack’s father and to Stephen Spettigue, Amy’s guardian. When the real aunt turns up, classic comic confusion ensues.