Bus Stop

Producer Kai Lai
Director Martha Holder
Rehearsal Secretary Carol Brittain
Stage Manager Danny Walters
Elma Duckworth Torie Berger
Grace Howlard Suellen Rowlison
Will Masters Al Bloom
Cherie Kimberly D’Arcy
Dr. Gerald Lyman Tony Tomaro
Carl Bill Burdick
Virgil Blessing Jack Ray
Bo Decker Don Barr
Couple Tony & Betsy Andrade

This comedy by William Inge (author of Picnic) tells the touching and hilarious story of a footloose nightclub singer who knew too much about men and a cowboy who didn’t know enough about women.


Four bedraggled passengers, a bus driver, a sheriff and two waitresses sit out a blizzard in a restaurant with unexpected results!


Photos by Kai S. Lai