Sweet Charity

Producers Kai S. Lai
Mary Ann Bruegmann
Director Debbie Nelson
Choreographer Debbie Nelson
Musical Director Creighton Yip
Set Designer Jorge da Costa
Stage Manager Jim Barlow
Lighting Designer Tom Trafton
Costume Designer Michael Pacciorini
Charity Hope Valentine Sandra Rappazzini
Vittorio Vidal Roger Bennett
Oscar Lindquist Thom Pintello
Big Daddy Johann Sebastian Brubeck Chuck Myer
Helene Laura Youngwerth
Nickie Isa Campanile
Herman Richard Nelson
Carmen Jannine Carrera
Rosie Sharon White
Ursula March Linda Colyer

Sweet Charity is a tender, poignant and consistently funny look at the adventures or rather the misadventures, in the ways of love encountered by the gullible and guileless lady known as Charity Agnes Valentine, the “lady of the evening” who always gives her heart, and her earrings, to the wrong man.


Sweet Charity is a musical in every sense of the word–Cy Coleman has captured the rhythms and sounds and Dorothy Fields the vernacular and fun of present day New York. It’s a comedy in every sense of the word also. Neil Simon has a particular talent for looking at the truly amusing side of life. It’s a dancing show, too, with great opportunity for use of dramatic



Above photos by Eugene’s Salon of Photography

Above photos by Kai. S. Lai