The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Producer Suellen Rowllson
Director Darin Kerby
Musical Director Shelly Andrews
Accompanist Norma Fellows
Stage Managers Kai Lai
. Rosalie Andrews
Baltus Van Tassel Rick Torrez
Mama Van Tassel Franca Barsi
Katrina Van Tassel Katie Amstutz
Gretchen Van Tassel Anneka Jones
Otto Vladimir Belo
Sonja Paula Andher
Ichabod Crane Mark Masoni
Brom Van Brunt Richard Burdick
Peter Elliot Cady
Hans Thomas Valdez
Hendrick Chris Roach
Maria Karen Austin
Anna Sarah Campbell
Wilhelmina Karen Bardrick
The Pastor Michael Livorsi

This musical version of the classic Washington Irving story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – is a modern-day spin on a classic tale, presented by our Young Performers.


The show begins in the present day on Halloween night and is transformed into Sleepy Hollow (18th century New Amsterdam, New York) for the bulk of the show, and then returns to the present day.


Three modern-day children find themselves right in the middle of all the odd characters, traditions, ghosts and goblins of Sleepy Hollow, and even confront the infamous Headless Horseman himself in an attempt to return home.