Li’l Abner

Producer Janet Espinosa
Director Bob Fairless
Technical Director Jim Maya
Stage Manager Russ Brawn
Musical Director Carol Harris
Choreographer Trish Murphy
Set Designer George Costa
Boys Jason Huan, Gordy Allen
Lonesome Polecat Robbie Getty
Hairless Joe Jeff Pagan
Romeo Scragg Matt Tidwell
Clem Scragg Travis Marsh
Alf Scragg Donald Hufnagel
Unemployment Man Jon Bodine
Moonbeam McSwine Helen Huang
Marryin’ Sam Linda Htezel
Earthquake McGoon Mike Conard
Daisy Mae Monique Vasquez
Pappie Yokim Joel Gregor
Mammy Yokin Sabrina Lloyd
Li’l Abner Tom Harris
Cronies: Sidney Espinosa, Chris Lloyd, Ramon Pinon, Jeremy Schroeder, Hannes Wettig
Dogcatchers: Geoff Guerin, Ryan Bubnis, Michelle Airheart
Mayor Dawgmeat Jon Bodine
Senator Jack S. Phogbound Craig Rubio
Dr. Rashmussen T. Finsdale Nancy Harris
Government Men Justin Evey, Ramin Pinon
Available Jones Simon Pintello
Stupifin’ Jones Stacey Pederson
Speedy McRabbit Sherry Drake
Colonel Chris Lloyd
Radio Commentator Jerry Schroeder
President Travis Marsh
General Mullmoose Darin Carter
Secretaries: Karina Bodine, Daphne Bundros, Natasha Gariaeff, Lizzie Hepner, Melanie Nelson, Nicole Nelson
Appasionata Von Climax Whitney Pintello
Evil Eye Fleagle Sidney Espinosa
Dr. Smithborn Helen Huang
Dr. Krogmeyer Sherry Drake
Scientist Jerry Schroeder
Scientist Assistant Jason Huang
Stage Department Man Simon Pintello
Wives: Beth Brawn, Mandy Duarte, Tami Espinosa, Jenny Fels, Michelle Ledesma, Sabrina Montalvo, Megan Stocks
Husbands: David Bodine, Sidney Espinosa, Rene Flores, Jay Gowen, Andy Hepner, Chris Lloyd, Ramon Pinon, Jeremy Schroeder
Maid Stacey Pederson
Policeman Andy Hepner
Dancers: Portia Belo, Melanie Nelson, Lauren Poulson, Lisa Raff, Jennifer Ross, Cinnamon Warfield

When residents of Dogpatch, USA are notified by the government that they must evacuate, they try to persuade the government that their town is worth saving. Meanwhile, Earthquake McGoon wants to marry Daisy Mae; Daisy Mae wants to marry Li’l Abner, and Li’l Abner just wants to go fishing, until it is learned that Abner’s Mammy’s Yokumberry Tonic might be enough to save the town. Abner offers the tonic to Washington, but General Bullmoose wants it too, so Bullmoose tries to trap Abner into marrying his attractive but ditzy executive secretary, Appassionata. Meanwhile, Daisy Mae pledges herself to Earthquake in marriage in exchange for rescuing Abner from Bullmoose. Will Abner and Daisy Mae ever finally get together?


An original Musical Comedy by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank
Based on characters created by Al Capp
Lyrics and Music by Johnny Mercer and Gene du Paul
Original direction and choreography by Michael Kidd


Photos by Eugene’s Salon of Photography