Producers Melinda Hollis
Angie Sauer
Director Carol Harris
Queen Jadis Ruth E. Mullins
Aslan Gary Caswell
Producers Melinda Hollis
Angie Sauer
Director Carol Harris
Rehearsal Pianist Naomi Allen
Choreographers Gary Caswell & Tiana Brady
Set Designers Grace Brawn & Jennifer Brawn
Lighting Designers Shawn Keck & Don O’Neil
Sound Designer Will Mullins
Technical Director Shawn Keck
Costume Designers Liz Brady, Hermie Medley, Donna Pray
Director’s Assistant Betsy Andrade
Stage Manager Jonathan Goulding
Master Carpenter Larry Hollis
Props Coordinator Patty Spencer
Mrs. McCready / White Witch Ruth E. Mullins
Professor / Aslan Gary Caswell
White Stag Tiara Brady
Peter Evan Prieskop
Susan Elissa Stebbins
Lucy Brooke Hoffman
Edmund Jason Dougherty
Tumnus Samuel Sauer
Dwarf Elizabeth Farotte
Mr. Beaver Jason Huang
Mrs. Beaver Crystal Bettencourt
Beaver Kids: Anthony Andrade, Maureen McGinty, Holly Bettencourt, Sofia Costa
Fenris Ulf Regina Filice
Father Christmas Yani Bundros
Reindeer: Aaron Hittle, Hillary Jensen, Crystan Leas, Gabriela Olivares, Erica Saucedo, Ellen Wood
Cat Statue Elise Little
Nymph Statue Whitney Pray
Dog Statue Tiffany Richards
Unicorn Statue Michelle Russell
Lamb Statue Elizabeth Sweeney
Bull Dustin Hollis
Leopard Hilary Little
Eagle Glimfeather Stephen Hoshida
Owl Andrea Bertero
Dog Jennifer Lazarus
Dryads: David Dexter, Janina Elia
Nymphs: Kathryn Zuhr, Erica Krautheim
Fox Anna Hoffman
Squirrel Christine Tognetti
Rabbits: Amy Yarger, Andy Allen
Unicorn Emile Robb
Naiad Ellen Michelson
Zebra Samuel Sauer
Specter Yari Bundros
Hag #1 Callie Siverson
Hag #2 Danielle Loveless
Boogles: Brandon Stieber, Julie Pagan, Bryan Walton
Zombies: Christina Richards, Marcus Prieskop, Camille Leas
Gorgons: Jennie Denman, Amanda Stephens
Ogres: Cori Pfeffer, Beth Zuhr
Trolls: Andrew Richards, Rolf Siverson
Wolves: Grayson Hittle, Keith Spencer
Wolf Cub Andoni Bundros

Presented by SVCT’s Young Performers, this musical, based on the S.S. Lewis fantasy, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, brings alive an enchanted world filled with mythical spirits and creatures–both good and evil. The whole family will be delighted by this tale from the land of Narnia.

Photos by Portraits by Rebecca