Sam’s Alcazar Chateau Gambling Palace Caper

Producers Patt White
Cindy Hoffmann
Director Russ Hendrickson
Director’s Assistant Brian Baptista
Technical Director Don O’Neil
Master Carpenter Bob McGee
Stage Manager Shirley McGee
Sam Sonata Steve Beck
Inspector Prefect loissone Geoff Dyer
Abdul Larry Carr
Lorna Lotte Debi Pfeffer
Jacques (Gendarme) Bob McGee
Madeleine Hattiere Patt White
Obertsleutenant Von Strutz Dick DeBolt
Leutenant M. Heinz Larry Carr
Marcia Heath Debbie Baptista
Melody Hapsody Cheryl Witmer
Hartley Worthit Bill Corneth
Sonia Dustevsky Marion Pintello
Anna Maria Fettucine Marie Jeanne Albanese
Jacob Gottroksmann Rod Pintello

Our stories take place on June 16, 1940 in Sam Sonata’s “Sam’s Alcazar Chateau Gambling Palace,” located in the kabash of Casablanca. Sam runs a tight operation, but is aware that his casino is no exempt from the frenzy on intrigue that is the very essence of Casablanca. Rumors have circulated that undercover agents in Casablanca may be trying to transport a stolen top secret document containing designs for weapon XYZ, a weapon capable of making Germany invulnerable.


Photos by Portraits by Rebecca