One-Act Plays

Producers Grace Braun
Gayle Montalvo
Lighting & Sound Design Steve Bauman
Properties Reaka Bushman
Ben Fohner
Becky Kaiser
Once Upon A Shoe
Director Penny Lockhart
Assistant to the Director Marie Costa
Mother Goose Laurren Cowan
Ms. Smith Malia Spencer
Children Michelle Alvernaz
Olivia Costa
Sofia Costa
Heather Cowan
Brittany Drake
Alie Fohner
Emilie Guenther
Heather Hunsperger
Pat Larabell
Natalie McBride
David Imagawa Sandhu
Alika Spencer
Lee Walton
The Flower Sisters
Director Carol Harris
Professor Zuccini & Gold Nose Tyler Watts
Floribunda Anna Hoffmann
Poinsettia Kiki Koroman
Poppy Nicole Reinholm
Camelia Tierney Bushman
Spumoni Cara Kaiser

SVCT presents two one-act comedies for the whole family

1) In Once Upon a Shoe, Mother Goose announces her children must leave their home (the shoe) and the children decide to put on a show to save their home.

2) Professor Zuccini’s Traveling Tales features three tales told by a company of traveling players. Our young performers perform one of these plays, “The Flower Sisters”, in which a poor washer woman and her three daughters trade wits with the devil.