California Suite

Producers Steve Bauman
Bruce Rideout
Director Jeremy Efferts
Stage Manager Mildred Martindill
Set Designer Shawn Keck
Costume Designer Whitney McClelland
Technical Director Michael Perry
Lighting Designer Shawn Keck
Master Carpenter Michael Perry
Visitor from New York
Hannah Warren Jan Bernstein
William Warren Bill Corneth
Visitors from Philadelphia
Marvin Michaels Rod Pintello
Millie Michaels Lynn Morrison
Bunny Kirsten Francis, Theresa Sage, Kelly Blake
Visitors from London
Sidney Nichols Russ Brawn
Diana Nichols Diana Jones
Visitors from Chicago
Mort Hollender Steve Spencer
Beth Hollender Kelly Blake
Stu Franklyn Chris Souza
Gert Franklyn Christine McElroy

California Suite is a humorous confection divided into four parts: Visitor from New York , Visitor from Philadelphia , Visitors from London and Visitors from Chicago.


In Visitor from New York, Hannah, a magazine writer is joined by her ex-husband, the question being with whom should their daughter spend the next six months? The banter flies fast and furious but Hannah’s well-wrought artifice crumbles as her fears take hold.


The Visitor from Philadelphia is a wife who arrives at the suite, catching her husband “en flagrante delicto” with a drunken hooker.