Stuart Little

Producers Richard & Becky Kaiser
Director Betsy Andrade
Musical Director Betsy Andrade
Production Assistant Christine Mantilla
Lighting Designer Bruce Rideout
Costume Designer Karen & Adam Moon
Stage Manager Mandy Glenn
Master Carpenter Richard Kaiser
Props Mistress Darcy Comnell
Pianists Katie Renville & Karen Nelson
Stuart Little Katharine Andrade
Mr. Little Andrew Cross
Mrs. Little Ashley Little
George Alan Hoshida
Narrators Anne Hildebrand
Dale Keeler
Doctor William Hoshida
Snowbell Aaron Moon
Dogs Esther Suzuki
Ashley Serrano
Woman with Newspaper Christine Camacho
Bus Driver Russell Drake
Dr. Carey Dustin Van Gundy
Referee Anne Hildebrand
Leroy Nick Haskell
Reporter Samantha Nussbaumer
Margalo Ce-ce Miley
Garbage People
Zeke Jessica Ball
Hank Magali Ferare
Malty Angeliki Bundros
Tige Shelly Haluza
Angie Melisa Ramirez
Babette Kaila Sergent
Pigeon Stephanie Glenn
Mr. Clydesdale Brandon Bach
Ms. Swenson Taylor Schmidt
Storekeeper Russell Drake
Harriet Ames Nathalie Ferare
River Creatures
Red Robin William Hoshida
Bumble Bee Jessica Ball
Hummingbird Christine Camacho
Frogs Magali Ferare
Marissa McBride
Spider Samantha Nussbaumer
Ladybug Jordan Stephens
Butterfly MacKenzie Britton
Superintendent Joshua Rhinehart
Henry Rackmeyer Nick Haskell
Katharine Jordan Stephens
Mary Bendix Ashley Gott

This musical version of E.B. White’s classic tale about a little mouse born into a normal New York family further enhances the charming story of a determined “underdog” trying to survive in a “real people’s world.” From melodic ballads to exciting chorus numbers, the score by England’s Ronna Frank features such delightful songs as “Paddle Your Own Canoe,” “Feed Him Up,” “Size,” “Stuart Little,” “I’m Headed in the Right Direction” and “Nighttime in New York” (sung by a quartet of cats!).