The Foreigner

Producers Rod Pintello
Marite Mantilla
Director Russ Hendrickson
Sound & Lighting Designer Sean Keck
Set Designer Steve Spencer
Props Coordinators Chris Souza
Tracy Van Gundy
Stage Manager Ted Hendrickson
Costumer Kae Spencer
Eilard Simms Jonathan Bass
Betty Meeks Pat Cianci
Charlie Baker Steve Spencer
Owen Musser Dave Leon
Froggy LaSeur Tom Hepner
Catherine Simms Christine McElroy
Reverend David Kevin Heath

Winner of two Obie Awards, Best New American Play and Best Off-Broadway Production, The Foreigner is an uproariously inspired comedy that celebrates our curiosity and empathy for “the outsider.” Englishman Charlie Baker, self-proclaimed “world’s dullest man,” takes a vacation at a rural fishing lodge with his eccentric army buddy, Froggy LeSueur. Froggy concocts an outrageous scheme to save Charlie from his pathologically shy self by introducing him as an exotic “foreigner” who can’t speak


English. It isn’t long before Charlie’s guileless persona backfires and the mix of goodhearted, slow-witted and devious lodge guests share their deepest secrets and most sinister plans. What ensues is a series of hilarious and heartwarming revelations, which leads to the ultimate good guys vs. bad guys climax.