Sleepy Hollow

Producers   April Ouellette
  Jon Reed
Director   Colleen Tom-Chipman
Vocal/Musical Director   James Chipman
Choreographer   April Ouellette
Costume Coordinator   Kathy Tom
Stage Manager   Chase Ouellette
Set Designer   Larry Tom
Lighting Designer   Colleen Tom-Chipman
Master Carpenter   Larry Tom
Recording Pianist   Chris Eves
(alphabetical by role)
Bait Van Breine   Danny Chipman
Betsy Klaussen   Mariah Caudill
Blatus Van Tassel   Matt Zunich
Breita   Cari Love
Brom Bones   David I. Sandhu
Diedrich Van Hyde   Tyler Damron
Farmer Stuyvesant   Carson Dean
Greta   Jordan Stephens
Guilliam   Jakub Fiedorowicz
Hans   Matt Zunich
Hendrick Van Foost   Zac Rzesniowiecki
Hilda Van Hudson   Anne Hildebrand
Ichabod Crane   Nick Haskell
Ijaura Van Twiller   Hannah Curd
IlsaGund   Jessica Damron
Jan Van Reed   Emily Castro
Jenny Van Dutcher   Summer Luther
Johanna Van Tropp   Megan Hamik
Katrina Van Tassel   Nicole Rayner
Lena Van Tropp   Anastasia Crisp
Lisa Van Zandt   Lauren Castruita
Margaret Van Breine   Alissa Castro
Mrs. Trenkler   Claire Matt
Mrs. Van Brunt   Stacy Spence
Mrs. Van Hudson   Natalie McBride
Mrs. Van Tassel   Brittany Drake
Nikki Van Steinwyck   Sarah Reinartz
Pastor Bertholf   Matt Zunich
Star Girl   Nicole Sardella
the Woman in White   Erin Kinkel
Walter Van Twiller   Adrian Haskell
Widow Van Doom   Trista Caudill
Wilda Van Twiller   Danielle O’Hara
Yost Van Ripper   Stephen Bolaris

Join our teens as they present a show alive with action, excitement and dynamic music.  When an inane schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane, comes to the farming community of Sleepy Hollow, he brings with him all his worldly possessions as he seeks a well-to-do wife.  He’s sure his dream will come true when he spots the striking Katrina Van Tassel.  Sadly for poor Ichabod, the boisterous Brom Bones is Katrina’s extremely jealous boyfriend.  Matters are complicated even more as the ghostly graveyard is haunted by a host of tense spirits, including the Headless Horseman, the most renowned phantom of all.  When Ichabod proposes marriage to Katrina at a party, he is kicked out by Brom, forcing him to make his way through the graveyard during a raging storm.  In the dark, we sense there’s something overshadowing poor Ichabod, aiming to take the poor soul’s life!  This suspenseful musical is filled with a variety of songs that fit the bill:  ’A Superstitious Yankee Folk,’ ’Ghost in the Graveyard,’ and of course, ’The Headless Horseman.’

Photos by Nikki Tom