Blithe Spirit

Producers   Richard and Becky Kaiser
Director   Steve Spencer
Costumer   Kae Jenny-Spencer
Set Designer   Steve Spencer
Master Carpenter   Richard Kaiser
Scenic Artist   Beth Dewey
Prop Coordinator   Maureen Imagawa
Light Designer   Danny Higgins Dunn
Sound   Vada Dean
House Manager   Joy Reynolds
Stage Manager   Maureen Imagawa
Edith (a Maid)   Alika Spencer
Charles Condomine   John Brewer
Ruth Condomine   Rosalind Farotte
Doctor Bradman   Jon Reed
Mrs. Bradman   JoAnna Evans
Madame Arcati Elvira   Carol Harris
Elvira   Laura Glasspool

Our leading man has remarried. He is, however, to have no peace as his jealously suspicious dead wife has come back to haunt him! Life begins to get difficult when he starts talking to this spectre who is visible only to him and the audience. Bring the family and enjoy the fun as she throws temper tantrums and plays tricks on his unsuspecting new wife. But watch out! Things have a tendency to go wrong when a ghost’s plans have an ulterior motive!

Photos by Kathy Tom and Beth Dewey