Follow That Rabbit

Producers   Joy Reynolds
  Becky Kaiser
Directors   Carol Harris
  Rosalind Farotte
  Betsy Andrade
Directors’ Assistant   Diane Webb Stephens
Choreographer and Vocals   Carol Harris
  Betsy Andrade
Pianist   Carol Harris
Costume Designer   Carol Harris
Set Designer   Carol Harris
Master Carpenter   Richard Kaiser
Technical/Light Designer   Peter Mandel
Stage Manager   Steve Curd
Prop Coordinator   Ariane Borgia
House Manager   Jim Bray
Alice  Anna Parker
White Rabbit   Thomas Parker
Mouse   Jordy Lopez Marquez
Mock Turtle   Connor Bray
Lory   Emily Castro
Dodo   Lauren Colwill
Red Queen   Nicole Rayner
Ace of Hearts   Emily Mandel
2 of Hearts   Katie Rick
3 of Hearts   Daniel Kellogg
4 of Hearts   Stephen Sandhu
Knave of Hearts   Michael McGill
Queen of Hearts   Eliza Dean
Caterpillar   Deanna McGill
Fish Footman   Megan Hamik
Frog Footman   Elam Campbell
Duchess   Katherine Watson
Cook   Christiana Bray
Cheshire Cat   Alexandra Mandel
Tweedledee   Brooke Yarbrough
Tweedledum   Megan Yarbrough
Mad Hatter   Jonathan Borgia
March Hare   Tyler Damron
Dormouse   Kathryn McGill
Iris   Angelica Magnisi
Poppy   Amanda Rigdon
Daisy   Danielle O’Hara
Lily   Hannah Curd
Rose   Stephanie Gaddis
Daffodil   Eleanor Harnett
Pansy   Jessica Damron
Violet   Claire Evelyn Parker
White Queen   Tara Austin
Knight   Antonio Magnisi
Humpty Dumpty   Alissa Castro
King of Hearts   Danny Chipman
Sister   Deanna McGill

From the moment Alice falls down a rabbit hole in the zany world of Wonderland, the fun never stops. You’ll meet talking birds and animals, singing flowers, hilariously comic kings and queens…and find yourself attending a race where the racers run in circles getting nowhere and everybody wins! There is a fantastic tea party ruled over by a Mad Hatter; and a funny scene where Alice must deal with a pepper-sneezing Duchess and a baby that turns into a pig. The finale has Alice at the trial of the Knave of Hearts for stealing tarts; and she is suddenly the accused. Here’s a modem view of a classic where nonsense makes perfect sense.


Above Photos by Elizabeth Mandel