Producers   Richard Kaiser
  Jim Bray
Director   Maureen Imagawa
Vocal Director   Jennifer Hamilton
Choreographer   Mitzie Imagawa
Music Director   Bobby Lewis
Costumer   Becky Kaiser
Stage Manager   Larry Tom
House Manager   Tracy Van Gundy
Master Carpenter   Richard Kaiser
Master Set Painter   Beth Dewey
Rehearsal Pianists   Karen Nelson
  Nettie Fields
Prop Coordinator   Joy Reynolds
Lighting Designer   Colleen Chipman
Sound  Designer   Vada Dean
Joe/Josephine/Junior Shell Oil   John Brewer
Jerry/Daphne   Freddie Fuentes
Sugar Kane   Laurren Cowan
Sweet Sue   Jennifer Hamilton
Bienstock   Chris Souza
Sir Osgood Fielding   Jon Reed
The Gangsters
Spats Palazzo   David Sandhu
Dude   Scott Borgia
Doughboy   Jeremy Borgia
Dutch   Dustin Van Gundy
Baby Face Norton   Nick Haskell
The Syncopaters
Dolores   Brittany Drake
Mary Lou   Lisa Evans
Rosella   Sarah Martindill
Dottie   Maggie Minderler
Margie   Natalie McBride
Stella   Rachel Rentfrow
Ex-Syncopaters   Megan Hamilton
  Ariane Borgia
Reporter   Nick Haskell
Hood   John Fletcher
Cab Driver   John Fletcher
Train Porter   John Fletcher
Mechanic   Ryan McBride
Photographer   Ryan McBride
Bell Boy   Ryan McBride
Union contractor   Larry Tom
Musicians   Peter Svensson
  Sean Fruit
Sugar Look-alikes     Lisa Evans
  Sarah Martindill
  Maggie Minderler
  Natalie McBride
  Rachel Rentfrow
Millionaires     Chris Souza
  David Sandhu
  Scott Borgia
  Jeremy Borgia
  Dustin Van Gundy
  Nick Haskell
  John Fletcher
  Richard Kaiser
Jr. look-alikes     David Sandhu
  Scott Borgia
  Jeremy Borgia
  Dustin Van Gundy
  Richard Kaiser
Penniless Bums     Jon Reed
  David Sandhu
  Scott Borgia
  Jeremy Borgia
  Dustin Van Gundy
  Nick Haskell
  John Fletcher
  Ryan McBride
  Richard Kaiser
Gangster Molls     Brittany Drake
  Sarah Martindill
  Maggie Minderler
  Rachel Rentfrow

Based on the film Some Like it Hot, Sugar chronicles the zany lives of two musicians, of the prohibition era, who witness a gang slaying. Forced to disguise themselves as women, they join an all-female orchestra, and the games begin! Memorable musical numbers include Penniless Bums, The Beauty That Drives Men Mad, We Could Be Close, Doin’ It For Sugar, What Do You Give (To a Man Who Has Everything?), Beautiful Through and Through and November Song. This show is both outrageous and touching.