Lend Me A Tenor

Producers   Janet Espinosa
  Marie Haluza
Director   Marion Pintello
Costume Coordinator   Kae Spencer
Set Designer   Deborah Schwartz
Lighting/Sound Designer   Peter Mandel
Master Carpenter   Larry Tom
Stage Manager   Bill Corneth
Prop Coordinator   Vivian Varela
House Manager   Zana Vartanian
Maggie   Jennifer Langford
Max   Kevin Heath
Saunders   Steve Spencer
Maria   Christine Varela
Tito   Dave Leon
Bellhop   Dick DeBolt
Diana   Jo Anna Evans
Julia   Pat Cianci

The Cleveland Opera Company has a world famous guest artist coming for their gala opening…but he arrives too late to rehearse with the rest of the company! Through a series of hilarious mishaps, the exhausted star is given a double dose of tranquilizers which, when mixed with the booze he consumes, causes him to pass out cold! The director convinces his own assistant to don the star’s costume, take his place, and dupe the audience into thinking they are watching the star they came to see, thus saving the gala. He succeeds admirably, but our star has now come to and put on a matching costume! Now we have two Othellos appearing and disappearing, being pursued by the star’s angry wife and two aspiring young women in only their lingerie, each one convinced they are with the “real” star! A wonderfully funny farce with some adult situations.