Moon Over Buffalo

Producers   Kae Jenny-Spencer
  Marie Haluza
Director   Steve Spencer
Costumer   Jennifer Hamilton
Set Designer   Steve Spencer
Lighting Designer   Peter Mandel
Sound Technician   Bobby Lewis
Master Carpenter   Rich Kaiser
Stage Manager   Mark Fedalizo
Prop Coordinator   Beth Dewey
House Manager   Anne Hepner
Charlotte Hay   Rosalind Farotte
George Hay   Tom Hepner
Ethel   Carol Harris
Rosalind   Allyson Finn
Paul   Lane Graver
Howard   Peter Mandel
Richard   Bill Cometh
Eileen   Elena Grover

What happens when the action on stage pales in comparison to chaos backstage? Just how crazy can it get? You will see in this riotous romp depicting a touring theater company gone awry with missing actors, pregnant ingénues, a deaf costume mistress, a forgetful fiancé, misplaced affections, and a surprise visit by a bigwig Hollywood producer who could save the careers of our heroic couple. Come and witness this zany testament to the theatrical mantra ‘the show must go on!’