Producers   Marie Haluza
  Janet Espinosa
Director/Music Director   Carol Harris
Choreographer   Elizabeth Farotte
Rehearsal Assistant   Rosalind Farotte
Master Carpenter   Rich Kaiser
Costumer   Joy Reynolds
Makeup Designer   Marite Mantilla
Lighting/Sound Designer   Peter Mandel
House Manager   Tracy Van Gundy
Stage Manager   Mark Fedalizo
Ren McCormack   Dustin Van Gundy
Ariel   Ashley Little
Reverend Shaw Moore   Jeremy Borgia
Vi Moore   Michele Upton
Ethel McCormack   Trista Caudill
Willard   Antonio Silva
Rusty   Cari Love
Chuck   Antionio Magnisi
Wendy Jo   Shelly Haluza
Urleen   Rachel Rentfrow
Bickle   Nick Campilli
Cowboy Bob   Justin Villa
Lyle   Jake McCollum
Garvin   Josh Harvey
Jeter   Andrew Mantilla
Ellie   Eliza Dean
Irene   Valentina Ostankovich
Principal Harry Clark   Tyler Damron
Betty Blast   Lauren Curd
Wes Warnicker   Ben Hatcher
Lulu Warnicker   Joelle Williamson
Coach Dunbar   Justin Villa
Eleanor Dunbar   Natalie McBride
Cop   Alisha Pluckhan
Ariel’s Friends   Christiana Bray
  Megan Hamik
  Allison Sherratt
  Alisha Pluckhan

One of the biggest movie musical hits in recent memory now bursts onto the live stage.
When Ren, a newcomer from Chicago moves to a small farming town and sets his cap for the preacher’s daughter, he isn’t prepared for the rigorous local laws, including a ban on dancing, with which the reverend is determined to control the youth of the town. With many of the locals eager to believe the worst about the new kid, Ren tries to set up an end-of- the-year dance while still saving his reputation.