Guys & Dolls

Producers   Frank McGill
  Vada Dean
Director   Kathy Tom
Assistant Director   Tricia Harvey
Music Director   Jay Jacobsen
Choreographer   Phillip James
Assistant Choreographer   April Ouellette
Vocal Director   Alan Chipman
Set Design   Larry Tom
Set Artistic Design   Tricia Harvey
Lighting Design   Colleen Chipman
Sound   Steve Ferrero
Stage Manager   Mark Fedalizo
House-Manager   Jim Bray
Costume Designer   Kathy Tom
Prop Master   Brian Corral
The Mission
Sarah Brown   Colleen Chipman
Arvide Abarnathy   Jon Reed
General Cartwright   Jean Marie Perchalski
Agatha   April Ouellette
Martha   Del McGill
Calvin   AJ Escobar
The Hot Box
Miss Adelaide   Joy Reynolds
Mimi (H.B.dancer)   Danielle Rhinehart
Hot Box dancers   Jessica Brewka
  Beth Byshenk,
  Natalie McBride
  Allyson Finn
  Heidi Schrupp
  Gina Convey
  Bic Vu
The Gamblers
Sky Masterson   LaneGrover
Nathan Detroit   Peter Mandel
Nicely-Nicely   Greg Casper
Benny Southstreet   James Chipman
Big Jule   Alan Chipman
(understudy)   Scott Sherratt
Rusty Charlie   Larry Tom
Harry, the Horse   Jesse Sinohui
Angie, the Ox   Steve Curd
Society Max/drunk   Bobby Lewis
The Greek   Mitzie Imagawa
Liver Lips Louis   Scott Sherratt
Brandy Bottle Bates   John Brewer
Scranton Slim   Ben Hatcher
Spider McCoy   Luis Ruiz
Little Isadore   MarkRuiz
New Yorkers
Lt. Brannigan   Frank McGill
NY Cop   Richard Kaiser
Actress   Melissa Dean
Tour Guide   Nancy Sherratt
Sweater Girls   Eliza Dean
  Janelle Sando
Bobbie Soxers   Christiana Bray
  Deanna McGill
Joey Biltmore   Vada Dean
Hot Box M.C.   Steve Hatcher
Pickpocket/Waiter   Josh Harvey
Newsie   Connor Bray
  Danny Chipman
Tourist   Tricia Harvey
NY Kids   Kathryn McGill
  Michael McGill

Set in a mythical version of New York City, this wonderful romantic comedy soars with the sounds of an immortal score of music and witty dialogue as it introduces us to everything from a group from the neighborhood mission (out to reform the evildoers of Time Square) to an oddball collection of gamblers forever looking for a location for that elusive “floating crap game.” Everything works out in the end: Boy gets girl and the audience gets an evening of lively music and hearty laughs. This bright & brassy show takes us from the heart of Times Square to the cafes of Havana, Cuba, and even into the sewers of New York City. Funny and romantic, Guys & Dolls is fun for audiences of any age.


Photos by Kathy Tom