Peter Pan

Director Colleen Chipman
Producer Stephanie Hamik
Nikki Tom
Costumes Kathy Tom
Make-Up Lori Castro
Set Design Colleen Chipman
Larry Tom
Peter Pan Daniel Byshenk
Wendy Darling Christiana Bray
John Darling Hannah Curd
Michael Darling Austin Corini
Tiger Lily Deanna McGill
Croc Mariah Caudill
Mrs. Darling Tami Piper
Grown-Up Wendy Eliza Dean
Nana Elizabeth Houts
Mr. Smee Zac Rzesniowiecki
Mullins Emily Castro
.Alf Mason Matt Alpert
Bill Jukes Tyler Damron
Mr. Starkey Ryan Hatcher
Cecco Adrian Haskell
Noodler Antonio Magnisi
Cookson Thomas Parker
Charles Turley Trent Peschke
Lost Boys
Curly Connor Bray
Nibs Alissa Castro
Twin #1 Jessica Damron
Twin #2 Hannah Curd
Slightly Soiled Josh Harvey
Tootles Michael McGill
Great Big Little Panther Lauren Colwill
Lean Wolf Kathryn McGill
Amanda Driggs
Megan Hamik
Nikky Jackson
Megan Kinkel
Angelica Magnisi
Danielle O’Hara
Carissa Pierotti
Katie Rick
. Allison Sherratt
Erin Vance
McKenzie Kehrer
Megan Kinkel
Amanda Rigdon
Heather Roth

J.M.Barrie’s magical classic tale of pirates, mermaids, and Peter Pan! Follow as Peter and Tinkerbell escort Wendy and her two brothers off to Never Never Land, where children never grow old. Meet Captain Hook, his band of pirates, and the tick-tocking croc who follows them, always trying to get another taste of the captain. Go on the war path with the Lost Boys and Princess Tiger Lily. Fly through Never Land with Wendy as she discovers that perhaps growing up isn’t as bad as she had thought. For all audiences of the young-at-heart!