The Fantasticks

Director/Choreographer   Jean Marie Perchalski
Producers   Becky Kaiser & Kathy Tom
Vocal/Musical Director   James Chipman
Stage Manager   Wayne Dewey
Fight Choreography   C. William Klipstein, III
Assistant Fight Choreography   Bobby Lewis
Master Carpenter   Rich Kaiser
Costume Coordinators   Becky Kaiser & Kathy Tom
Lighting Design   Colleen & James Chipman
Sound Design   Stephen Porter
Rehearsal Pianist   Chris Eves & Bruce Herman
Pianist’s Assistant   Alissa Eves
Prop Mistress   Beth Dewey
House Manager   Rich Kaiser
The Mute   Allyson Finn
Hucklebee   Larry Tom
Bellomy   Peter Mandel
Luisa   Colleen Chipman
Matt   Antonio Silva
El Gallo   Ed Goldberg
Mortimer   Bobby Lews
Henry   Jon Reed

Matt and Louisa are tricked into falling in love by their fathers, who pretend to feud. A swashbuckler is hired to stage a phony adventure in which Matt ‘saves’ the girl, a ploy designed to reinforce their love and give the fathers a pretense to break off their ‘feud’ and result in a Happy Ending. But the plot turns sour, shattering the kids’ illusions and inciting a genuine feud between the fathers. After a separation and a series of painful personal defeats, the lovers learn the realities of life. Their romance is reignited and they gain a deeper view of life and love.