Inspecting Carol

Director Kae Jenny-Spencer
Producers Frank McGill
Bruce O’Hara
Sydney Carlton (Marley) Bill Corneth
Zorah Bloch Rosalind Farotte
M.J. (Mary Jane) McCann Laura Glasspool
Bart Frances Scott Glasspool
Dorothy Tree Hapgood (Mrs. Cratchit) Carol Harris
Wayne Wellacre Kevin Heath
Phil Hewlitt Lance LaShelle
Walter E. Parsons (Ghosts) Dave Leon
Kevin Emory Bobby Lewis
Luther Beatty (Tiny Tim) Michael McGill
Betty Andrews Ann Molica
Larry Vauxhall (Scrooge) Steve Spencer

Mix together a struggling theater company, a tired production of A Christmas Carol, a really bad actor and a visiting inspector from the National Endowment for the Arts and you end up with this zany off-the-wall holiday farce. Everything that could possibly go wrong does as this theater group struggles to mount their production of the holiday classic.  Bad theater has never been so much fun!