Treasure Island

Director Whitney Pintello
Producer Loritta Bonfante Johnson
Sandi Lewandowski
Choreography Whitney Pintello
Make-Up Whitney Pintello
Vocal Director Carol Harris
Tom Morgan Dominick Lucido
Billy Jones Callie Camacho-Light
Mrs. Hawkins McKenna Miles
Jim Hawkins Michael McGill
Meg Jessica Roberts
Pew Marcus Pereira
Black Dog Eric Tracy
Captain A. Smollett Matthew Cummings
Israel Hands Nicole Kacir
George Merry Kelly Foster-Jacobson
Job Anderson Kathryn McGill
Dick Johnson Roya Lillie
Long John Silver Matthew Alpert
Ben Gunn Gabriel Hatcher
Chorus Casey Baine
Pearl Bass
Sophia Batey
Alicia Chamberlain
Molly Cooper
Nathan Cummings
Emily Doughty
Laura Doughty
Rachel Foster-Jacobson
Niamh Haller
Bridget Harnett
Eleanor Harnett
Nicole LaJeunesse
Lexie Mallette
Mary McClelland
Shelby McClelland
Anna Parker
Claire Parker
Abbey Pfefferlen
Amy Reyes
Lauren Yehle
Patrick Yehle

This swashbuckling musical version done by our young performers follows the adventures of young Jim Hawkins from England to a deserted island in the South Seas. We meet unforgettable characters. One of the most fascinating hero-villains of all time is Long John Silver, a merry rogue we can’t help liking. The entertaining journey includes lessons of courage, morality, and lots of good ‘ol pirate fun! Aaar!