Arsenic and Old Lace

Director Andrew Cummings
Janell Cummings
Producer Loritta Bonfante Johnson
Sandi Lewandowski
Set Design Andrew Cummings
Janell Cummings
Abby Brewster Carol Harris
The Rev. Dr. Harper Loren Lewandowski
Teddy Brewster Jon Reed
Officer Brophy Doug Doughty
Martha Brewster Barbara Smith
Elaine Harper Colleen Chipman
Mortimer Brewster Bobby Lewis
Mr. Gibbs Richard Crews
Jonathan Brewster Travis Blanchard
Dr. Einstein Drew Jones
Officer O’Hara Jonathan Bass
Lieutenant Rooney Bill Tindall
Ms. Witherspoon Robin Harris

A farcical black comedy about two charming and innocent ladies, Abby and Martha Brewster, who have taken to murdering lonely old men by poisoning them with home-made elderberry wine laced with arsenic, strychnine and cyanide, and the antics of their nephews: Teddy, who thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt, Mortimer, the manic theatre critic, and Jonathan, the mad killer with the face of Boris Karloff.