Two Suites

Producers Carol Harris
Anne Hepner
Costumes Kae Jenny-Spencer
California Suite
Director Tom Hepner
Visitors from New York
Billy Warren Jim McCann
Hannah Warren Laura Glasspool
Visitors from Philadelphia
Marvin Michaels Jonathan Bass
Millie Michaels Jennifer Langford
Bunny Theresa Sage
Visitors from London
Sidney Nichols Bill Corneth
Diana Nichols Pat Cianci
Visitors from Chicago
Mort Hollendar Dave Leon
Terry Kevin Heath
Pat Jen Leon
Gert Franklyn Kae Jenny-Spencer
Plaza Suite
.Director Steve Spencer
Visitors from Mamaroneck
Karen Nash Jen Leon
Sam Nash Kevin Heath
Waiter Jennifer Langford
Jean McCormack Kat Hepner
Visitors from Hollywood
Jesse Kiplinger Jim McCann
Muriel Tate Laura Glasspool
Visitors from Forest Hills
Norma Hubley Pat Cianci
Bellhop Jonathan Bass
Roy Hubley Dave Leon
Borden Eisler Tim Hepner
Mimsey Hubley Kat Hepner

Hotel suites have played a large part in Neil Simon’s life, prompting him to write three works for the theater. SVCT is proud to present two of these plays in repertory Plaza Suite is the best known of the three and was noteworthy in 1968 for being his first compilation of one-act plays sharing a common setting (the Plaza Hotel in New York City). California Suite came 8 years later and contains four one-act playlets, giving us glimpses of various groups of guests in the same suite at the Beverley Hills Hotel at different times of the same year. SVCT is producing both shows, alternating performances. See one or see them both!