Director Carol Harris
Producer Loritta Bonfante Johnson
Terri Miles
Choreography Mitzie Imagawa
Costumes Kae Jenny-Spencer
Make-Up Alika Spencer
Stage Manager Beth Dewey
Vocal Director Carol Harris
Antonio Dominick Lucido
Angelina Kelsey Griffin
Geppeto Connor Clark
Pinocchio Bridget Harnett
Blue Fairy McKenna Miles
Candlewick Nicole LaJeunesse
Gino Callie Camacho-Light
Coachman Marcus Pereira
Signore Gatto (the cat) Kathryn McGill
Signore Volpone (the fox) Bailey Knold
Antonio’s Daughters Nicole Kacir
Rachel Foster-Jacobson
Kristi Martinez-Kisso
Samantha Birtola
Balloon Seller Eleanor Harnett
Organ Grinder Danielle Moore
Pizza Maker Eric Tracy
Village Families
Hannah Hudson Will Ibarra
Taylor Cupples Abbey Pfefferlen
Sashia Vinlehayzen Nathan Cummings
Kelsey Hendricksen Matthew Cummings
Angelica Magnisi Josh Lopez
Soldier Paul Jay Reichert
Doll Megan Carrillo
Ballerina Emily Carrillo
Purple Clown Alexandra Hannon
Black Clown Amy Santos
White Clown Rebecca Reynolds
Yellow Clown Nia Lyn
Dutch Girl Emily Pfefferlen
Dutch Boy Jaime Walling
Mouse Samantha Quijano

Old Italy comes to life in this acclaimed musical adaptation of the classic tale of the wooden puppet, who years to become a real boy. An evocative score, colorful costumes and exotic locales – including the sinister Land Of The Toys and the interior of a genuine Italian whale – made this fantastic adventure a wild success when it was shown on CBS television.


Photos: Morgan Hill Times