Bugsy Malone JR

Producers Loritta Bonfante Johnson
Lisa Singleton Quijano
Director/Music Director Carol Harris
Director/Choreographer Lance LaShelle
Stage Manager Jonathan Bass
Set Designer Lance LaShelle
Costume Designer Lance LaShelle
Lighting Designer Beric Dunn
Sound Designers Ray Trimble & Stephen Porter
Master Carpenter Rich Kaiser
House Managers Jim & Christine Carrillo
Bugsy Malone Luke Hamilton
Roxy Robinson Nathan Cummings
Bronx Charlie Jaime Walling
Laughing Boy Candice Clifford
Benny Lee Matthew Colbert
Yonkers Emily Evans
Bugsy Girls: Allegra Aguirre, Pearl Bass, Emily Carrillo, Hannah Hudson, Samantha Sadoff, Melissa Stone
Barber Jonathan Heinz
Flash Frankie Sophia Gonzalez
Fizzy Mark Penyacsek
Pop Becker Samantha Quijano
Blousey Makena McElroy
Fat Sam Chris Bezanson
Tallulah Kimberly Jackson
Dandy Dan Arthur Rodriguez
Louella Shannon Murphy
Ruby Samantha Sadoff
Sapphire Emily Carrillo
Tallulah’s Girls
Tillie Beth Funke
Loretta Amy Santos
Dotty Danielle Moore
Bangles Kristi Martinez-Kisso
Tallulah’s Boys: Tesslyn Hamilton, Jonathan Heinz, Samantha Quijano, Jaime Walling
Baseball Girls
Velma Danielle Dokter
Ginger Megan Carrillo
Trixie Emily Doughty
Pickles Tesslyn Hamilton
Tillie Beth Funke
Loretta Amy Santos
Dotty Danielle Moore
Bangles Kristi Martinez-Kisso
Knuckles Dane Weber
Doodle Bridget Harnett
Paperboy Samantha Quijano
Radio Announcer Jonathan Heinz
Ritzy Gabriel Quijano
Angelo Nicholas Quijano
Louis Alexandra Hannon
Snake Eyes Nathan Cummings
Waitress Hannah Bezanson
Butler Stuart Bettencourt
Opera Singer Hana McElroy
Oscar de Velt Nicholas Quijano
Marbini Matthew Colbert
Ventriloquist Kristi Martinez-Kisso
Ventriloquist’s Dummy Nia Lyn
Roller Skating Trumpet Player Candice Clifford
Shirley Temple Imitator Samantha Sadoff
Lena Marrelli Danielle Moore
Lena’s Boys: Megan Carrillo, Danielle Dokter, Emily Evans, Miranda Janisch
Lena’s Girls Sophia Gonzalez
Nia Lyn
Hana McElroy
Rebecca Reynolds
Showgirls: Allegra Aguirre, Pearl Bass, Emily Carrillo, Emily Doughty, Hannah Hudson, Shannon Murphy, Melissa Stone
The Down and Outs: Allegra Aguirre, Pearl Bass, Hannah Bezanson, Megan Carrillo, Candice Clifford, Danielle Dokter, Emily Evans, Tesslyn Hamilton, Sophia Gonzalez, Bridget Harnett, Jonathan Heinz, Miranda Janisch, Nia Lyn, Kristi Martinez-Kisso, Hana McElroy, Gabriel Quijano, Samantha Quijano, Rebecca Reynolds, Amy Santos, Melissa Stone,
Clipboard Willy Jason Muhleman
Razamataz Jason Muhleman
Splurge Attendants Stuart Bettencourt
Hannah Bezanson
Nicholas Quijano
Elegant Lady Patron Melissa Stone
Matre Ds: Jonathan Heinz, Samantha Quijano, Jaime Walling
Candy Cigarette Girls: Sophia Gonzalez, Nia Lyn, Hana McElroy, Rebecca Reynolds
Cook Hannah Hudson
Priest Nicholas Quijano
Delivery Guy Stuart Bettencourt
Buildings & City Scene: Allegra Aguirre, Stuart Bettencourt, Hannah Bezanson, Danielle Dokter, Tesslyn Hamilton, Miranda Janisch, Jason Muhleman, Amy Santos, Melissa Stone, Hannah Hudson, Pearl Bass, Emily Carrillo, Emily Doughty, Bridget Harnett

Samantha Sadoff, Alexandra Hannon, Gabriel Quijano

Our talented youngsters will be singing and dancing their hearts out in this “tongue-in-cheek” tribute to the old fashioned gangster flick. Bugsy has the task of settling a rivalry between two groups of bumbling, comical hoods and their “gum-chewin’ goil-friends !!” With a catchy 1920’s – 1930’s style score, this show mixes”Guys & Dolls,” “Chicago”, and every screwball comedy you ever saw!


Above photos from Lance LaShelle

Above photos from the Morgan Hill Times