Annie Get Your Gun

Producers   Bill Tindall
  Paul & Susan Foster
Advising Producer   Terri Miles
Director   Stephanie Pintello
Co-Director   Evan Lange
Music Director   Carol Harris
Choreographer   Rob “I”
Stage Manager   Beth Dewey
Costume Design   Michelle Griffin
Assistant Costumer   Amy McElroy
Sound Design   Stephen Porter
Lighting Design   Brenda Renek
Sound Crew   Jim Carillo
  Doug Doughty
Light Board Operators   Mauricio Quijano
  Peter Mandel
Spotlight Operator   Laura Doughty
Set Design   Bill Tindall
  Stephanie Pintello
Property Managers   Lori Foster
  Kathy Doughty
Firearms Trainer   Wayne Edgin
Master Carpenter   Rich Kaiser
Set Artist / Muralist   Leslie Gatsby
Sign & Target Design   Whitney Pintello McClelland
House Managers   Renee O’Hara
  Heather Bass
Annie Oakley   Sandi Lewandowski
Frank Butler   Rob Christopher
Buffalo Bill Cody   Scott Valkenaar
Charlie Davenport   Kel Whisner
Dolly Tate   Kris Heiser
Tommy Keeler   Trent Peschke
Winnie Tate   Megan Griffin
Foster Wilson   Stan Haugland
Jessie   Brittini Bombino
Nellie   Shannon Murphy
Sallie   Makena McElroy
Little Jake   Dane Weber
Chief Sitting Bull   Robert Barham
Pawnee Bill   Jon Casimir Szczepaniak
Mac, the Prop Guy   Simon Pintello
Running Deer   Jonathan Bass
Eagle Feather   Stephen Sandhu
Sign Girl   Hannah Lor Curd
Ballroom Maitre D’   Simon Pintello
Dining Car Waiter   Simon Pintello
Sleeping Car Porter   Simon Pintello
Queen of England   Barbara Smith
Tsar of Russia   Stan Haugland
King of ltaly   Jacob Garcia
President of France   Stephen Sandhu/Rob “I”
Messenger   Jonathan Bass
Mrs. Sylvia Potter-Porter   Trudy Parksr
Mrs. Schuyler Adams   Christine McElroy
Ensemble   Christina Bagley
  Emily Barham
  Jonathan Bass
  Christine Carrillo
  Emily Carrillo
  Megan Carrillo
  Hannah Lor Curd
  Emily Doughty
  Rachel Foster
  Jacob Garcia
  Niamh Haller
  Nicole LaJeunesse
  Lexie Mallette
  Christine McElroy
  Alyssa Nowlen
  Shelby O’Hara
  Trudy Parks
  Simon Pintello
  Samantha Quijano
  Jess Roberts
  Stephen Sandhu
  Barbara Smith
  Jon Casimir Szczepaniak

The heroine is a rough and tumble backwoods girl who is the star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and handy with a rifle. She is an uncultivated female who only knows to do that which comes naturally to her. She soon meets up with Frank Butler of Pawnee Bill’s Show. He is a big, sentimental fellow who is attracted only to sweet and demure girls. But they have one thing in common, show business. The story is a fictionalized version of the life of sharpshooter Annie Oakley and her husband Frank Butler and includes, among others, “Anything You Can Do”, “There’s No Business Like Show Business”, and “Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly”


Book by Herbert & Dorothy Fields
Music & Lyrics by Irving Berlin