Li’l Abner

Producers Terri Miles
Jonathan Bass
Director Rosalind Farotte
Music & Vocal Director Carol Harris
Choreographer Mitzie Imagawa
Stage Manager Brandon Moralez
Costumer Michelle Griffin
Master Carpenter Jonathan Bass
Lighting Designer Peter Mandel
House Manager Cinda Lailing & Tina Ingenthron
Set Designer Carol Harris
Props Manager Lori Foster & Kathy Doughty
Scenic Artist Carol Harris & Glynis Crabb
Abner Brandon Sanchez
Daisy Mae Pearl Bass
Mammy Yokum Megan Griffin
Pappy Yokum Chris Bezanson
Romeo Scragg Melissa Stone
Clem Scragg Niamh Haller
Alf Scragg Emily Doughty
Hairless Joe Brittini Bombino
Lonesome Polecat Amy Reyes
Moonbeam McSwine Nicole LaJeunesse
Marryin’ Sam Lexie Mallette
Mayor Dan’l Dawmeat Jacob Garcia
Cronies: Brittini Bombino, Tiffany Ulanimo, Andrew Rodriguez, Jaime Walling, Mark Penyacsek
Available Jones Benjamin Smith
Scarlett Michael Kaiser
Mother Haylee Merrill
Speedy McRabbit Andrew Rodriguez
Stupefyin’ Jones Kelsey Griffin
Earthquake Oscar Leon
Carmen Danielle Moore
Pat Laura Doughty
Lillian Caitlin Filice-Hollar
Bonnie Megan Birt
Hope Marea McCann
Dee Dee McKenna Miles
Chad Gerardo Leon
Husbands: Gerardo Leon, Michael Kaiser
Dogpatch Citizens: Andrea Borgia, Devin Peddie, Zaira Aahz, Madison Cupples, Gerardo Leon, Rachel Foster, Tany McCaw, Eleanor Harnett, Kelsey Griffin
General Bullmouse Trent Peschke
Sen. Phogbound Heather Brodersen
Appassionata Allegra Aguirre
Cedric Softwicke Eleanor Harnett
Government Man (Act I) Dane Weber
Creighon (Butler) Zaira Aahz
Colonel (Act I & II) Taylor Cupples
Secretaries: Andrea Borgia, Madison Cupples, Laura Doughty, Rachel Foster, Devin Peddie, Megan Birt
Evil Eye Fleagle Dominick Lucido
President Jaime Walling
Policeman Mark Penyacsek
Dr. Finsdale Katie Rounds
Dr. Krogmeyer Kelsey Griffin
Dr. Smithborne Marea McCann
Dr. Schleifitz Niamh Haller

Based on the comic strip Li’l Abner created in 1938 by Al Capp, the show is, on the surface, a broad spoof of hillbillies — but it is also a pointed satire taking on any number of topics, ranging from an incompetent United States federal government to standards of masculinity. Performed by our talented teens!   (G)


Book by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank
Based on Characters Created by Al Capp
Original Direction and Choreography by Michael Kidd
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Music by Gene de Paul