The King and I

Producer   Bill Tindall
Producer   Christy Wright
Director   Andrew Cummings
Vocal and Musical Director   Carol Harris
Choreographer   Alexandra Mandel
Choreographer Assistant   Christy Wright
Stage Manager   Janell Cummings
Mask Maker   Vinh Nguyen
Master Carpenter and Set Design   Andrew Cummings
Set Paint Design   Glynis Crabb
Lighting and Sound Design   Peter Mandel
Props Coordination   Lorie Foster
House Managers   Rob and Robin Bezanson
Lobby Design and Program   Rob and Robin Bezanson
Anna Leonowens   Sharon Maxwell (Aug 6-15)
  Barbara Reynolds (Aug 20-21)
  Cindy Powell (Aug 22)
  Kerie Geni Darner (Aug 27-28)
The King of Siam   Edmond Kwong
Lady Thiang   Mary Anne Stanislaw
The Kralahome   Robert Barham
Prince Chululongkorn   Michael Combs
Louis Leonowens   Samantha Quijano
Tuptim   Naomi Longshore
Lun Tha   Daniel Corpus
Sir Edward Ramsay   Kel Whisner
Captain Orton   Chris Souza
Interpreter   Vinh Nguyen
Phra Alack   Pierre Gerard
Simon of Legree   Vinh Nguyen
Eliza   Taylor Hix
George   Pierre Gerard
Topsy   Morgan Morris
Little Eva   Patrice Lyn
Uncle Thomas   Matthew Cummings
The Sun   Mckenzie Colbert
Lady Pensri   Morgan Morris
Lady Tulaya   Allyson Forman
Lady Nataya   Angelica Magnisi
Lady Maliwan   Christine Carrillo
Lady Lalida   Mary Dokter
Lady Sunisa   Melissa Stone
Lady Mintra   Patrice Lyn
Lady Rajini   Taylor Hix
Lady Lamai   Trudy Parks
Lady Tasa nee   Robin Harris
Priests: Matthew Cummings, Chris Bezanson, Greg Colbert, Hannah Bezanson, Jon Szczepaniak, Max Bushman, Kel Whisner
Princesses: Alexandra Hannon, Channing Bushman, Emily Carrillo, Danielle Dokter, Makena McElroy, Mckenzie Colbert, Megan Carrillo, Melinda Colbert, Monica Evans, Nia Lyn
Princes: Carter Sepulveda, Nathan Cummings
Amazons: Emily Barham, Kristi Kisso-Martinez

East meets West for a dramatic, richly textured and ultimately uplifting tale. In Siam (in 1862) an English widow, Anna, has been summoned by the King to serve as tutor to his many children and wives. The King is considered to be a barbarian by those in the West, and he seeks Anna’s assistance in changing his image, if not his ways. Anna and the King grow to understand and respect one another in a truly unique love story.