Noises Off

Producers Nikki Tom
Kathy Tom
Director Colleen Tom-Blanchard
Assistant Director Tami Piper
Stage Manager Larry Tom
Assistant Stage Manager Alissa Eves
Master Carpenter Larry Tom
House Managers Debbie & Gerry Blanchard
Props Mistress Robin Harros
Cast Jonathan Bass
Lloyd Dallas Jonathan Bass
Garry Lejeune Travis Blanchard
Brooke Ashton Jennifer Elington
Dotty Ottley Rosalind Farotte
Poppy Norton-Taylor Ann Gilbert
Belinda Blair Beth Harnett
Selsdon Mowbray Jason Harris
Frederick Fellows Peter Mandel
Timothy Allgood Chase Ouellette

Slamming doors, sexual dalliances, misdirections, and many plates of sardines make Michael Frayn’s Noises Off  “the funniest comedy ever written.” It follows a hapless troupe of actors presenting the sex farce ‘Nothing On’. With a burglar who doesn’t know a television from a microwave, an actress who keeps losing her contact lenses, and a web of romantic entanglements, the action degenerates from infighting among the cast and crew into open hostility that is just as funny behind the scenes as from the audience.

Above photos by Elizabeth Mandel

Above photos: Morgan Hill Times