Into The Woods

Director Kathy Tom
Producer Becky Kaiser
Trudy Parks
Nikki Tom
Choreography April Ouellette
Vocal Director Terry Sodergren
Narrator Peter Mandel
Cinderella Charlotte Self
Jack Travis Blanchard
Jack’s Mom Mary Beth Anderson
Baker Gavan Kwan
Baker’s Wife Colleen Chipman
Cinderella’s Stepmother Ann Gilbert
Cinderella’s Stepsister Andrea Lathbury
Alissa Eves
Cinderella’s Father Chris Souza
Little Red Riding Hood Sarah Smith
Witch Tami Piper
Cinderella’s Mother Ariane Borgia
Mysterious Man Larry Tom
Wolf Mark Blattel
Little Red’s Granny Robin Harris
Rapunzel Erika Robertson
Rapunzel’s Prince James Chipman
Cinderella’s Prince Daniel Sontag
Steward John Lathbury
Giantess Lisa Singleton Quijano
Snow White Kim Galloway
Sleeping Beauty Christine Carrillo

Into the Woods starts with familiar fairy tales all tied together with a new story of the Baker and his wife, who are trying to reverse a curse on their family in order to have a child. However, “happily ever after” never includes the repercussions of their actions! What does one do with a dead giant in the back yard? .

Photos by Kathy Tom