Producers Jonathan Bass
Scott Lynch
Director and Vocal Director Carol Harris
Choreographer Mitzie Imagawa
Orchestra Directors Stephanie Woehrmann
& Tim Duffy
Set Design and Scenic Artist Glynis Crabb
Costume Designer Carol Harris
Master Carpenter Jonathan Bass
Costume coordinator Michelle Griffin
Props Coordinator  Christine McElroy
Stage Manager Brandon Morales
House Managers Rob Bezanson, Robin Bezanson, Jim Carrillo
Light Designer Beric Dunn
Sound Designer Ray Trimble
Lieutenant Frank Cioffi Rob Christopher
Niki Harris Mary Beth Anderson
Georgia Hendricks Roberta Vinkhuyzen
Carmen Bernstein Julie Masterson
Aaron Fox Leslie Lamcke
Sidney Bernstein Bill Ereneta
Christopher Belling Chris Souza
Bambi Bernét Megan Griffin
Daryl Grady Doug Doughty
Johnny Harmon Dale Haluza
Oscar Shapiro  Peter Mandel
Bobby Pepper Aaron Nasser
Jessica Crenshaw Christine McElroy
Sasha Iljinsky Stephanie Woehrmann
Harv Fremont Chris Bezanson
Roy Stetson Rob Barham
Mona Page Brittini Bombino
Roberta Wooster Trudy Parks
Rita Van Dorn Christine McElroy
Marjorie Cook Lauren Colwill
Brick Howvermale Doug Doughty
Arlene Barruca Laura Doughty
Jane Settler Robin Harris
Randy Dexter Kel Whisner/Dave Leon
Connie Subbotin  Lexie Mallette
Peg Prentice Stephanie Marquez
Rhonda Driscoll Haley Merrill
Ruthie Cochran Christine Carrillo
Detective O’Farrell Christine McElroy

Curtains is parody of 1950s “whodunnit” theater mysteries, set in Boston in 1959. The plot is set in motion when the star of a disastrous 1950s cowboy musical, Robbin’ Hood, is murdered on opening night. A theater-loving detective, Lieutenant Frank Cioffi, is assigned to solve the crime. As one murder turns into a series of murders, the cast is forced to stay inside the theater while Cioffi unravels the mystery. During his investigation family dysfunction, romance, aspirations to stardom, and a desperate attempt to save a terrible show carry the audience along through a hilarious and terrifying mystery.

Above Photos: Gilroy Dispatch

Above photos by Elizabeth Mandel