Damn Yankees

Producers Mary Dokter
Alan Chipman
Director Maureen Haney
Vocal Director Arianne Borgia
Music Director James Chipman
Choreographer Mitzie Imagawa
Rehearsal Pianist Chris Eves
Stage Manager Katie De Santis
House Managers Rob Bezanson & Jim Carrillo
Set Designers Leslie Lamke & Jason Harris
Costumers Michelle Griffin & Katie Wicker
Scenic Artist Glynis Crabb
Lighting Designer Colleen Blanchard
Props Managers Lori Foster & Alissa Eves
Joe Boyd Peter Mandel
Lola Roberta Vinkhuyzen Rasmussen
Joe Hardy Brennan Whitaker
Meg Boyd Jacquelyn Villena Whitaker
Joe Boyd Peter Mandel
Mr. Applegate Jason Harris
Gloria Thorpe Sarah Smith
Benny Van Buren Kel Whisner
Lynch Bud Biafore
Mr. Welch Mac Jones
Doris Miller Elizabeth Braun Harnett
Sissy Miller Vivienne Castillo
Miss Weston Robin Harris
Commissioner Bud Biafore
Postmaster Peter Mandel
Smokey Connor Clark
Rocky Chris Bezanson
Henry Michael Medina
Sohovik Michael Liensdorf
Vernon Taylor Barnes
Mickey  Ryan Webb
Linville Lexie Mallette
Lowe Peter Mandel
Bryant Stephanie Marquez
Ensemble: Sandra Aranda, Brittini Bombino, Christine Carillo, Patricia Hannon, Eleanor G. Harnett, Sarah Mallette, Haylee Lynn Merrill, Trudy Parks, William Rumold

Photos: Morgan Hill Times

Just in time for the World Series we bring you the world’s best known baseball musical. What happens when a Washington Senators fan sells his soul so his team can beat the Yankees?


Based on the novel “The Year The Yankees Lost The Pennant” by Douglass Wallop, Damn Yankees, the Broadway mega-hit and winner of 7 Tony Awards including Best Musical hits it out of the park! The winning score by Adler and Ross and a devilish book by George Abbot have made this sporty musical comedy a true American classic. With songs like ‘Shoeless Joe from Hannibal Mo’, ‘You’ve Gotta Have Heart’, and ‘Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets’, this show is a winner whoever your favorite team might be.

Photos by Elizabeth Mandel