James & the Giant Peach

Co-Producers   Greg Colbert
  Suzanne Colbert
  Bud Biafore
Director   Carol Harris
Assistant to the Director   Danielle Moore
Master Carpenter Rich Kaiser
Scenic Artist Glynis Crabb
Costume Designer Carol Harris
Master Costumer Patty Hannon
Props Manager Lori Foster
Lighting Designer Jacob Sanchez
Sound Designers Mike Knappe, Michelle Knappe, Sophia Knappe
Stage Managers Kris Snook & Sue Fent
“New York” Cast.  10/27 (8:00), 11/03 (2:30), 11/04 (2:30), 11/09 (8:00), 11/10(2:30), 11/16(8:00), 11/17 (2:30)
James   Nathan Foster
Narrators   Audrey Sperry
  Cynthia Sperry
Aunt Spiker   Sophia Root
Aunt Sponge   Becca Snook
Little Old Man   Carter Sepulveda
Old Green Grasshopper   Lucia Kaelin
Centipede   Katie Lincoln
Spider   Hana McElroy
Earthworm   Sydney Ogden
Glowworm   McKenzie Colbert
Ladybug   Caroline Bowen
Sharks: Ethan Robledo, Oscar Rodriguez, Landon Sepulveda, Austin Vandecoevering
Clouds:  Samantha Barnes , Hannah Covert, Melodie Knappe ,  Alina Robledo,  Alicia Schenkman, Ann Schenkman, Mattie Schoepe
Townspeople: Samantha Barnes, Hannah Covert, Melodie Knappe, Alina Robledo, Ethan Robledo, Oscar Rodriguez, Alicia Schenkman, Ann Schenkman, Mattie Schoepe, Landon Sepulveda, Austin Vandecoevering
Captain   Sierra McKenna
Shipmate   Molly Foster
Mother   Sydney Murphy
Father   Canon Moyer
“London” Cast  11/27 (2:30), 10/28 (2:30), 11/02 (8:00), 11:03 (8:00), 11/10 (8:00), 11/11 (2:30), 11/17 (8:00)
James   Logan Lacerda
Narrators   Colette Bowen
  Matthew Colbert
  Ben Snook
Aunt Spiker   Makena McElroy
Aunt Sponge   Annabella Stewart
Little Old Woman   Shaylin Frisby
Old Green Grasshopper   Jake Smith
Centipede   Kaitlin Rooney
Spider   Audrey Rubio
Earthworm   Melinda Colbert
Glowworm   Sabrina Bohnsack
Ladybug   Rachel Kogan
Sharks: Tessa Carter, Robert Harnett, Kristen Martin, Nicholas Quijano, Samantha Rogers, Hannah Ruffner
Clouds: Sierra Benitez, Jordyn Campbell, Katie Canales, Maggie Frisby, Natalie Rubio
Townspeople : Sierra Benitez, Jordyn Campbell, Katie Canales, Tessa Carter, Maggie Frisby, Robert Harnett, Kristen Martin, Nicholas Quijano, Samantha Rogers, Natalie Rubio, Hannah Ruffner
Captain   Jake Goller
First Mate   Lauren Fent
Second Mate   Amy Santos
Mother   Amy Santos
Father   Jake Goller

Come join our talented cast of young performers as they head off on an incredible journey inside a Giant Peach! Roald Dahl’s fantastical adventure comes to life. Meet the wise Old-Green Grasshopper, the pessimistic Earthworm, and all of James’ other insect companions. With a snip of the peach’s stem the adventure begins!


From the book by Roald Dahl. Dramatized by Richard R. George.