Out of Order

Producer Stott Lynch
Co-producer Marie Haluza
Director JoAnna Evans
Master Carpenter Mark Starritt/Starritt Construction
Scenic Artist Glynis Crabb
Costumes Zana Vartanian
.   .
Richard Willey John Brewer
The Manager Allen Siverson
The Waiter Bill Tindall
The Maid  Christine McElroy
Jane Worthington Denee Lewis
The “Body” Kel Whisner
George Pigden Doug Doughty
Ronnie Rob Ingenthron
Pamela Roberta Vinkhuyzen
Gladys  Sandra Aranda
“The Window” Trudy Parks

When Richard Willey, a Junior Minister in the British government, plans to spend the evening with Jane, a secretary to a leader of the Opposition, things go disastrously wrong – beginning with the discovery of a “body” trapped in the hotel’s only unreliable window. Desperately trying to get out of a potentially headline-making situation, Richard calls for his Administrative Assistant, George. However, with a conniving waiter, a suspicious hotel manager, an alert private detective, an angry wife, a furious husband, a bungling secretary, an unconscious nurse and a dead body to deal with, this is not the romantic evening Richard had planned.


Written by Ray Cooney