The Wizard of Oz

Producers Kathy Tom
Jon Szczepaniak
Director Colleen Tom-Blanchard
Music Director James Chipman
Vocal Director James Chipman
Choreographer April Ouellette
Stage Manager Larry Tom
Flight Directors Dave Hunter
Nikki Tom
Costumer Michelle Griffin
Set Design Colleen Tom-Blanchard
Master Carpenter Gerry Blanchard
Scenic Artist Glynis Crabb
Dorothy Gale   Megan Griffin
Aunt Em (Emily Gale)   Grace Brawn
Uncle Henry (Henry Gale)   Brad Hamilton
Hunk (farmhand)   Rob Ingenthron
Hickory (farmhand)   Robert Barham
Zeke (farmhand)   Zack Goller
Miss Almira Gultch   Robin Harris
Professor Marvel   Kel Whisner
Scarecrow  Travis Blanchard
Tinman  Rob Christopher
Cowardly Lion  Mark Blattel
Glinda, Good Witch of North  Elizabeth Calisi
Wicked Witch of the West  Mary Beth Anderson
Wizard of Oz  Robert Barham
Gate Guard Kel Whisner
Angela Allen Jan Lance
Sandra Aranda Julia Lance
Bud Biafore Lexie Mallette
Grace Brawn Haylee Merril
Christine Carillo Heidi Oliphant
Emily Carrillo Sarah Oliphant
Alissa Eves Trudy Parks
Jacob Goller Lisa Quijano
Zack Goller  Samantha Quijano
Lucia Gomes Joy Reynolds
Brad Hamilton Barbara Smith
Orla Hannon Benjamin Snook
Robin Harris John Soto Jr.
Jonathan Heinz Tiana Vlaovich
Myra Kaelin Dane Weber
Munchkin Land
Mayor Andrew Stebbins
Coroner Luke Hamilton
Barrister Rachel Kogan
Lullabye League Molly Gilbert
Kaya Jones
Makena McElroy
Audrey Rubio
Lollipop Guild Robbie Harnett
Nicholas Quijano
Carter Sepulveda
Munchkin Ensemble
A.J. Calisi Robin Harris
Presley Calisi Janae Heinz
Emily Carrillo  Olivia Ingenthron
Melanie Chipman Lucia Kaelin
Molly Cooper Rebecca Reynolds
Danielle Dokter Sophia Root
Monica Evans Hannah Ruffner
Kendall Eves  Hannah Satterlee
Victoria Hamilton Kel Whisner
Crows   Robert Barham
  Zack Goller
  Kel Whisner
Trees     Angela Allen
  Alissa Eves
  Myra Kaelin
  Heidi Oliphant
  Sarah Oliphant
Jitterbugs     Angela Allen
  Christine Carillo
  Alissa Eves
  Monica Evans
  Zack Goller
  Brad Hamilton
  Rob Ingenthron
  Myra Kaelin
  Lexie Mallette
  Makena McElroy
  Haylee Merril
  Heidi Oliphant
  Sarah Oliphant
  Chase Ouellette
  Samantha Quijano
  Joy Reynolds
  Sophia Root
  Tiana Vlaovich
  Dane Weber
  Kel Whisner
Witch’s Castle
Winkie General   Bud Biafore
Monkey Captain   Luke Hamilton
Winkies     Alissa Eves
  Jacob Goller
  Brad Hamilton
  Jonathan Heinz
  Rob Ingenthron
  Chase Ouellette
  Benjamin Snook
  John Soto Jr.
  Tiana Vlaovich
Monkeys     Andrew Stebbins
  Dane Weber

This wonderful, classic tale of witches, ruby slippers, and a young girl’s dreams continues to endear the hearts and inspire the imaginations of its audiences even today. Come join us as we sing, dance, and fly our way into your imagination! Follow us down the Yellow Brick Road as we close out our season with one of the best-loved shows of all time!


By L. Frank Baum, music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg
Adapted by John Kane for the Royal Shakespeare Company
Based upon the Classical Motion Picture owned by Turner Entertainment Co. and distributed in all media by Warner Bros.

Photos by Kathy Tom