On the Town

Producers Robin Bezanson
Roberta Vinkhuyzen Rasmussen
Director Janell Cummings
Musical and Vocal Director Terry Sodergren
Assistant Director Josh Cummings
Choreographer Christine Carrillo
Set Designer Andrew Cummings
Costumer Sarah Mallette
Gabey Taylor Barnes
Ozzie Chris Bezanson
Chip Mathew Cummings
Hildy Esterhazy Pascale Vinkhuyzen
Claire de Loon Saskia Vinkhuyzen
Ivy Smith Nicole LaJeunesse
Madame Maude P. Dilly Kyle Robinson
Lucy Schmeeler Katie Rounds
Judge Pitkin W. Bridgework  Connor Clark
Flossie Pearl Bass
Gertude (Flossie’s Friend) Haylee Merrill
Rhonda Figment Hannah Bezanson
Mr. S. Uperman  Zack Goller
Singing Teacher Samantha Quijano
Master of Ceremonies Michael Liensdorf
Diana Dream Brittini Bombino
Dolores Dolores Brittini Bombino
Rajah Bimmy John Soto, Jr.
Workman Connor Clark
Announcer Michael Liensdorf
Little Old Lady  Samantha Quijano
“Valkyrie” Soprano Haylee Merrill
“Lakme” Soprano Pearl Bass
Supporting Cast: Alexandra Hannon, Candice Clifford, Emily Carrillo, Machiel de Groot, Nathan Cummings, Bailey Konold, Collin Sperry, Garrett Bushman,  Makena McElroy, Roos de Vries, Caitlin Filice-Hollar, Dane Weber, Isabel Hernandez, Megan Carrillo,  Tesslyn Hamilton

Go back with us to World War II when three sailors get a 24-hour shore leave in New York City. All three  find romance and adventure while helping one of them track down the elusive Miss Turnstiles poster girl. This was the first Broadway musical written by Leonard Bernstein.You may remember the 1949 movie with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. With many Bernstein songs that were not included in the film, the stage version is even more exuberant. One thing we can guarantee: Our teen casts put on a fantastic show.